Monday, July 12, 2010

2 Weeks

I am less than 2 weeks away from leaving North Carolina for my new job in Buenos Aires. It is a scary time for me. I am excited to go, but sad to leave (classic really). What I feel is a fear of the transition time. I am more worried about getting there than what it will be like when I'm there to stay....for a very, very long time. I am not concerned with the classroom, the new apartment, or adapting to the culture. I'm really just nervous about what is right in front of me...these last two weeks.
I am trying to find the motivation to finish packing. I've successfully secured a temperature controlled storage unit at what seems a great deal and packed it full of all of the things I can't take with me. Now I'm staring at things I WANT to take with me that I can't ship, but must take as excess baggage. This is going to get interesting.
Henry update:
I have officially hired a pet broker (Pets Ventura) located in Buenos Aires to meet me a the airport and help me through cargo and customs. The goal is get the dog out of there ASAP with little lost in translation.
Crate training has been interesting. Henry does not enjoy the crate like some dogs do. If he gets locked up in there he whines (not typical for him) and if I leave for a long period of time he gets upset and throws around his pet bed. I am working with his fabulous NC vet Maggie Fedderhart of Whispering Winds (holistic animal care). She is treating his anxiety with flower extracts and also helping with his pet papers for the trip. By the way, we also believe Henry is dealing with grief over the loss of a beloved doggie companion, causing some separation anxiety. He is really responding well to the flower extract treatment.
Amy update:
final pet visit....check
flights for Henry and I...check
packing is underway
visiting friends and family before I leave is underway

More soon about these last couple weeks and also more about international teaching and the hiring process.