Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Year

I sit at the airport preparing myself to return to Buenos Aires for my 2nd year of teaching abroad. I have been in the United States for 5 weeks, traveling all over Tennessee and North Carolina visiting friends and family. I was in Nashville for 2 weeks getting my Level I Orff Certification at Belmont University (big accomplishment for me). Hopefully I can explain more about Orff later.

How different I feel this time! How scared I was a year ago, going to Argentina with my dog in the belly of the plane and all of my belongings in suitcases or left behind in storage. My life was drastically going to change and the airport was the place of transition. Today I am excited to return to BA. I feel a strength I didn't have before. Not because being in BA easy or simple, but because I overcame a challenge almost insurmountable for me a year ago. My friends who are international teachers seem to strive under these stressful conditions. They love the excitement of the transition. I don't think I'll ever enjoy the transition, but I've viewing it differently; more positively.

It is obvious the love and support I have at home. A crew of strong and big hearted people who trust me in my decisions. There were many doors open to me and many beds offered since I was floating around with no solid place to land.

I get to return to what is now a new home. I haven't looked at BA as home before, but now I do. I have Henry for now, friends, and a really fabulous and challenging job.

Henry stayed in BA for these 5 weeks with a young lady who teaches at my school who bunked up with him in my apartment. All she asked is that I bring her back some chocolate from the states. I found that funny since Argentina is known for it's chocolate! But, my bags are stashed full with chocolate for her and Cheetos for my dear friend and teaching partner from Venezuela. And organic dog treats for Henry!