Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amy's Flight ~ the bitter sweet

Now that I have written about Henry's flight, I'll tell you a bit about my experience. I was riding a high the last couple weeks before this trip. I mean super-duper excited. I felt that this new adventure was the missing piece. However when I got to the airport...meltdown.
Reality set in the moment I was LEFT at the airport. Not checking my bags or getting a final cup of coffee before I went through security, but the moment when I was left ALONE. It was like a light switch or a manic moment. Huge high to huge low. But in that moment you certainly know that you are a real live human with serious feelings. And on the brink of crazy.
I truly love the life I left behind. I was mourning.
Those few hours of waiting at the airport were torture. Then there was a 5 hour layover that was even worse.
What is even more odd is that the moment I got on the plane to Buenos Aires I felt loads better. I have no explanation.


  1. For many people the urge to move is not a result of external compulsion, but due to some internal and unclear motivation. It is’t motivated by economic goals like increased standard of living or career advancement. In fact, I found that those moving internationally often ended up with a lower standard of living once settled abroad.

    Rather, it is a need to live a life that was “self-directed.” By choosing to leave, the migrant has taken control of their life, forcing them to consciously work at daily life, and preventing any slippage into unconscious habit. Does it make any sense?

    Being abroad brings external environment into line with internal feelings!

  2. Oh my Lord! A travel pet service and a psychic! Petsventura is awesome!!! Love you Amy! So proud of you!