Sunday, August 29, 2010

Henry's First Month

Henry and I have been here a little over one month now. Time for a quick update.

The Good (Actually Great) ~We LOVE it here. It is beautiful, convenient, and challenging in positive ways. This is a doggie town for sure! The door man loves Henry, people in my apartment are thrilled to see him (not to many dogs in my building surprisingly) and he is making friends with the locals (both dog and human alike). Still not too great with cats however.

Henry loves walking down by the Rio De La Plata which is one block from my apartment. I have a great new "walk to work" lifestyle that is such a blessing for me and for Henry. There is a pet store two blocks from me (note: pets are a big deal here, so you can find a pet store or two in every neighborhood) and a vet two blocks in the other direction. We have the option of hiring a professional dog walker (very inexpensive and a great social opportunity for H-Dog), but so far I've been too lazy to set that up. Also, I love walking him everyday because it is gorgeous around here:) Henry also enjoys sitting on the balcony of my apartment so he can watch people, cars, and other dogs go by.

He sometimes gets to play with Pumpkin, a female black lab who belongs to a co-worker/friend. They have "play dates" occasionally. Very cute.

The Bad~ No Newman's Own organic dog food. No more high quality Earth Fare doggie bones and treats. No more Maggie, our fabulous holistic vet in Boone. No more open the back door and let Henry run without a leash to do his "business".

Also, I don't see Henry getting back into that kennel anytime soon. Will I ever have the heart to put him through air travel again?

The Ugly~ No BFF Cody. It gets lonely when you are the only dog.


  1. Here are some organic places right here in the North Zone where you are living. Did you look for some products there?